ID Keys & Families

SEED ID KEYS & Families

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ID Key was developed  for common plant families using LUCID builder 3.3.  It contains feature descriptors describing plant families when a family identification is needed for an unknown seed or fruit.

Unlike the traditional dichotomous key, this character-driven tool allows the user to choose which descriptive features best fit the seed or fruit in hand. This aids in determining the family of the unknown seed or fruit.

Each family has a number of identification features programmed into the ID key. If a seed feature is selected that does NOT occur in a particular family, the program will eliminate it from the possibilities. The user will see the number of potential families decrease and the eliminated families increase as they work through the ID key.

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A key to the propagules or fruits of 102 biosecurity-relevant species of the daisy or sunflower family Asteraceae. It was produced by CSIRO scientist Alexander Schmidt-Lebuhn at the Australian National Herbarium (CANB) in collaboration with and through funding from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

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Seed morphology could be unique to each plant family, and the identification of a family level is the first step of seed identification. Identifying seeds will not only use the knowledge of seed morphology but also other closely related knowledge, such as plant taxonomy and nomenclature.  Here are resources that are complied by ISMA with either the publicly accessible website, or the permission from authors.  The aim is to provide reliable sources to users who are interested in using these resources in their applications.

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