ISMA promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing, innovation, and research among those who are interested in seed morphology and seed identification.

ISMA platform publishes interactive digital tools and establishes database for identifying seeds of weeds, economically important and wild plant species.

ISMA is to serve as a one-stop-shop for all matters concerning seed morphology. As such, it will not only be an invaluable resource for agricultural industries but also for scientists in a wide variety of fields, including botany, ecology, ethnobotany, archaeology to agriculture.

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  • Seed ID Guide

    Virtual publication of seed images, ID fact sheets, ID digital keys ...
    ISBN: 978-1-7753419-0-1

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  • Publication Guide

    Author resource center for guide, data protocols, template and submission.

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  • Training Resources

    Training resources and interactive tools for seed botany, morphology and identification

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  • Seed ID Forum

    Peers to advise, consult, inquiry, discuss or post with the support of an invited Expert Panel

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