Seed ID from France

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    Hello, I need some help to identify these seeds please! I found them in a clover sample (Trifolium incarnatum). Clover has been harvested in France. They are small (1 mm long), black with stripes. A hilum is visible. I am thinking of the family Convolvulaceae but I am not sure… Thank you! Silvia.

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    Hi Katherine,
    thanks for all the details. It’s very interesting … I hadn’t thought about a Poaceae at all!Based on your information I found that the genus is already present in Italy and Spain … easily it is already present in the south of France, the data match!!!
    Looking forward to sharing other identifications!
    Thank you and have a nice day too.
    Best regards,




    Hello Silvia,

    You took great pictures! I can see that really interesting pattern of ridges. The embryo is visible in the middle seed, and the hilum is that raised dot visible in the flanking seeds.

    I also think they are in the Poaceae as Katherine suggested, but I would also look at seeds of Eleusine indica and see if that looks similar to your unknown seeds?

    Thanks, ISMA


    Dear ISMA,
    I usually take photos with a TAGARNO digital microscope , a very usefull tool for our laboratory! I’ve looking for Eleusine indica and it’s really similar to my unknow seed and it’s already present in France. We had have Eleusine corocana in our samples in the past, but it’s very différent, it’s also the reason why I didn’t think about this genus. Indeed, Dactyloctenium and Eleusine are very close!
    Thank you, it’s very interesting to share these advices with you all !!!
    Have a nice day!
    Best regards,

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