About ISMA

Our Vision

A global scientific source of seed morphology knowledge and expertise.

Our Mission

To promote collaboration, knowledge sharing, resource development, and research among those who are interested in seed morphology and seed identification.

To facilitate the generation and exchange of information to advance seed morphology knowledge.

To foster the application of seed morphology and seed identification into tools, methods, guidelines, recommendations and other outputs for use by testing laboratories, standard-setting bodies, regulatory authorities, agricultural producers, consumers and other stakeholders in:

  • reducing the potential spread of noxious, invasive and unwanted plant species dispersed by seeds or fruits
  • improving the accuracy of commodity labeling for seeds, grains, food ingredients, herbs or other agricultural products with intact seeds, dry fruits or other types of disseminules.

Our Organization

International Seed Morphology Association (ISMA) is a scientific association, registered as a not-for-profit organization since 2017.  It is governed by its Bylaws and Executive Board and operated through Technical Committees.