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Building Virtual Reference for Seed Identification

Webinar July 13, 2021   

Objectives: To introduce the basic requirement and skills to make seed images as virtual reference for seed identification.  The knowledge can also apply to making seed images for peer consultation or building a laboratory internal image library.

Presenters: Dr. Ruojing Wang (CFIA), Madeline Maher (USDA APHIS), Lindsey Seastone (USDA APHIS) 

Content included:

  • Selecting specimens and planning for imaging (i.e., specimen preparation); overview of the seed-imaging process and guidelines for getting started.
  • Specific examples of seed/fruit imaging on a toxic-seed-ID tool, including how to select which images to take of a given specimen.
  • Imaging techniques and troubleshooting various common imaging issues.
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PDF of the presentations: