Seed ID Forum

Seed ID Forum is a virtual space for conducting peer support and knowledge sharing related to botany, seed morphology and anatomy, plant taxonomy, plant nomenclature, and seed identification. All registered users or peers may ask and answer questions. The forum is monitored by the Seed ID Expert Panel to ensure incorrect information is not distributed. The ISMA provides this virtual space to encourage peers to share knowledge about local flora, weeds, crops, and wild plant species. In this international community, we are all helped by helping one another!

To submit identification inquiries to this peer group, please ensure the images clearly display the morphological features, by providing scale reference, true colour representation, clear surface textures, and seed or fruit accessories (e.g., hilum, pappus, and awn). The more information provided, the more accurate the identification will be. In general, a photo with approximately 800-1000 pixels will be of sufficient image quality. The image should be in one of the following formats for uploading to the forum: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif.


All answers in the forum are peer advice. An inquiry of seed identification is achieved through information provided by the inquirer and the expertise of the person who answered. ISMA or the person who provided answers must not be held responsible for the outcome of the inquiry or any commercial implication. The inquirer shall take full responsibility for the advice and its association with any applications.